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With reference to scenes, characters and film techniques, discuss how the director, Frank Darabont, presents the theme of corruption to the audience of the film’ Shaw shank Redemption.’
Introduction: film techniques are used by cinematic directors in order to layer a film with meaning and give clues to the audience about the story’s outcome. Frank Darabont film ‘The Shaw Shank Redemption’ follows the story of convicted murder Andy Dufresne and his experiences during his time in Shaw shank prison. Darabont uses a variety of film techniques, including lighting, music and camera angles throughout the film to demonstrate the theme of corruption. This theme is most visible in Darabont character warden Norton and the prison guards and in the scene on the roof top and the Andy in the whole scenes.
In the film The Shaw shank Redemption the director Frank Darabont uses film techniques to emphasize themes. The theme he emphasizes is corruption. By using dark lighting and light lighting. This shows that the scene is going to be an unpleasant and sad scene but also a bit of happiness with it. The scene is where Andy is sent to the whole for a month then the warden comes and gives him another month the happiness there is that Andy is preparing to escape soon and taking all the money.
Another technique Frank Darabont uses to emphasize the theme corruption is by the music and how he uses it to the full effect. He uses it to the full effect by putting no sad or happy music in the scenes because it’s not a happy or sad scene. This makes the audience want to pay most attention to what’s going on in the scene and the emotions going on with the characters in the scene.
One really good technique used by