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The Reality Of the Real World

When I flipped my graduation tassel to the left I thought to myself I’m ready to be my own person and be able to live my own life. I was ready to move out of my parents home and begin my journey to becoming an adult. Out of the 300 students also flipping their tassels to the left I knew I wasn't the only one with the assumption that I was ready to leave my parents home. While growing up many kids have the idea that once they turn 18 they are ready to pack all their items and leave their parents house. Some want to get away from their parents strict rules while others believe its going to be a simple transformation. These kids soon find out that although you are 18 and according to the government you are legally an adult that does not mean you are prepared for the responsibilities and challenges that come with the title adult. Teenagers often attempt to break away from living under the umbrella of their parents world before they have the maturity to function alone and this attempt is in actuality a misguided gesture as teenagers often fail to recognize the authentic realities and harshness of the real world. Teenagers become accustomed to all of the task that their mothers or fathers do for them. Since infancy their only responsibility was to wake up in the morning and attend school. They did not have to worry about whether or not they had clean clothes or food because their parents had already taken care of those issues. When I moved out at the age of 19, I was clueless on how to do my own laundry, something my mother would have called simple. I realized then how much I had taken that privilege for granted and was never taught that responsibility. For example in the story “A&P” the teenage boy

named sammy demonstrates my lack of responsibility as he thinks to himself, “ I just saunter into the electric eye in my white shirt that my mother ironed for me that night before”.(144) At the age of 19 same age as myself his mother was still spoiling her son by ironing his clothes the way my mother was still spoiling me by washing my clothes. You would think that because an adult has moved away from home they would figure out how to do their own laundry, but that is not the case. Most teenagers and some adults still depend on their mother or father to clean their clothes. That is only one responsibility out of so many that their parents do that go unappreciated and taken for granted. While growing up in my household I heard endless stories from my father on how when he was my age he was living on his own and supporting himself. Most teenagers today including myself do not realize how hard their parents work to just to provide for their families. They have the mentality that living on their own will be simple, but soon realize how much of a challenge it is financially. They are so used to spending money that they earn on whatever new phone is out there, even if it is their whole pay. When they are wanting to become independent adults and realize how money is scarce they will look back at that decision and will conclude that they should have saved more money while they had a steady income coming in. The character sammy demonstrates just how unthoughtful teenagers are when dependent on their parents income when he states, “now here comes the sad part of the story, at: least my family says it’s sad but I don't think that its sad myself”(142). So many teenagers today