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Studying abroad is better than studying in Ecuador
Have you ever dream on becoming the best architect? Or becoming the best doctor? Or just becoming the best in your major? Imagine this chances but with better opportunities. Even though going to college in Ecuador can be a good and practical experience, it does not compare to as beneficial as studying abroad is. The gain is in how you improve other language, how you get to expand your world view and how it increases the value of your degree.
First, studying abroad is the optimal way to learn another language apart from Spanish. College provides the opportunity to expand your languages. Not only because you are allowed to take courses specific of the language, but also because you have to write and speak in the language. For example, studying in the states will make your English more accurate because of the constant essay writings and more fluent because of all the presentations. Moreover, you will be obligated to practice the language in your day life. When you want to communicate with people no matter from where they are you will have to use English and at the same time practice even more.
Second, studying in some place away from Ecuador give you the opportunity to open to the world in many ways. One way is that you have to make new friends that are not going to be Ecuadorians too. When you make new friends you learn a lot too. You have the chance to know about them and about their culture and in that way expand you view