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English Literature

Students should study English Literature because literature is part of our cultural heritage, literary works can be entertaining, beautiful, funny, or tragic. They can convey profundity of thought, for instance like 《Macbeth》shows that the destruction wrought when ambition goes unchecked by moral constraints. Each literature has a themes that the author wants to show.

Also students learn a lot of history and culture from the English literature. It takes them to new places, different time periods. Literature unlocks the culture of the time period, and in a way which can give wisdom to the modern society about life. literature can introduce students to a range of aspects, not only of the English language but also of English culture. When studying the works of Shakespeare or other authors, students can learn about allusions and references to different aspects of English culture. Students study literature, they are studying an art form. After studying the various forms of literature, students begin to recognize literary elements and to understand how they contribute to the work. Studying literature will make it possible for them to enjoy what they read to a greater extent because they will understand the artistry that created it. An enjoyment and appreciation of Literature will give students the ability to develop this into an interest in books.

Literature could help students make choices in their everyday life. When students reading the