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Essay Extra Credit
The movie I watched was Pearl Harbor the director of the movie is Michael Bay and the two leading actors are two young boys, Rafe McCawley (Jesse James) and Danny Walker (Reiley McClendon).
The films bias is the Japanese Military. This movie reflects the history of World war 2, the film makers could’ve stretched the story on how we came back and attacked the Japanese back, maybe more action and fighting. The inaccuracies of the movie are, when you see the movie you don’t get a sense of the first or second wave. You get a sense of the attack. That’s what’s important. And you need to see this through the eyes of people whom the audience connects with.
Rafe and Danny are best friends who are also pilots. When World War II breaks out in Europe, America chooses not to join but they train nonetheless, so Rafe and Danny join the Army Air Corps. Rafe meets a nurse named Evelyn and falls for her. But when he gets an opportunity to go join the Britsh Air Corps, he jumps at it. Shortly after he leaves, he gets shot down and is reported killed. Danny and Evelyn who are stationed in Pearl Harbor, lean on each other after learning of what happened to Rafe. It isn't long that they're together. But suddenly Rafe returns. And when he learns about them, he freaks out and he goes after Danny. But suddenly Pearl Harbor is attacked, and they shoot down some the planes attacking them. Later, Roosevelt decides to retaliate against Japan and Colonel Doolittle is placed in charge and asks Rafe and Danny to join him and they accept knowing that the chances of them coming back is slim. But things between them are still tense. Once they’ve been attacked they jump into their planes and start trying to take out the Japanese planes one by one.
This movie was really good, it is actually one of my