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When I close my eyes and vision a person, it has always been that someone that I know, someone that I can count on when I couldn’t count on myself. That person has been in my life for three years and has impacted me greatly; his name is Kaleel Malik Moore. He is 5’9, has brown eyes, brown curly hair and has a heart like no other. He cares about others more than himself and always put them first, he is always there when you need a helping hand. But he isn’t like a normal human, he has disabilities, his arm is paralyzed but he still manages to fit in and help others when they need it. Despite the fact that his arm doesn’t let him do things that others can, or play sports that others play he still manages to make me feel special and take me on dates, and spoil me like a normal boyfriend. Our time together is special and the bond we hold is sacred. He holds the key to my future and he is an example that people with disabilities can be normal and do things like other humans. Kaleels random gifts and the way he treats me and my family always surprises me. When I think of all the hard work he has done and how he has influenced others to never give up just melts my heart. He always wears the locket his grandmother gave him; it has a picture of them two together right before she passed. As I stand next to him I not only feel like a giant but I feel blessed to have such a hardworking and life changing man in my life. When I hug him, I feel safe and warm inside. While with him, I feel happy that he is a part of me, he is a strong, sweet, charming, and…