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Jim Garcia
Money is a problem Last meow was such an amazing true story, of how one cat can cost and arm and a leg. People in our society don’t realize how much we spend on our own furry little pets. Loving your pet so much that you’re willing to spend more than fifteen thousand dollars for a small little kitten who is very sick and in a lot of pain. Billions of dollars are being wasted trying to fix one animal that is in the brink of death, when you can adopt a new one instead because while you are paying for your dying dog whose not going to live very long the pound has so many new and clean dogs you can adopt instead of them getting killed for no reason. Wake up and realize that there is more to life than waiting your money on your pets that are very ill and bound to die. The starving people we need to feed aren’t getting fed because instead of donating to the needy and helping out the poor people choose to spend about 47 billion dollars on their pets. Money might not be a problem to other rich pets owners but to the rest of America that are struggling in need of shelter, clothing and food. This pet addiction has gotten out of hand we need to stop this and fix are doing America. Pets are replaceable but not human lives does you prairie really need a root canal, rabbit with radiation, and cat going through chemo therapy? I think not the people need the money more. Animals in the pound who are clearly in better health condition than the one