Essay for Geography

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Essay for Geography There are more and more people like travelling with the years go by in 21st century. As everyone knows, the bigger development of tourism, the more problems will show up. For example, the movie named Broke down Palace which the students watched after the Christmas break. Therefore, it is important to know about all aspects of travel for anyone travelling in the 21st century, such as the environment, economic, different culture, safety. The first thing that the tourists need to think about is the safety of the destination. That everyone decide to take a trip during the holiday is because the want to relax and relieve the fatigue caused by work or study. Therefore, they do not want to have some risk during their trip. And then the safety becomes the first things to be considered, as they do not want to get injured or die by accident. During the class, the student did a research about Travel Reports and Warnings. They went to the site, a website about advice to go the region for trip suggested by the Canadian government. And it shows the country we can go or not because of the safety and the reason. Some country have the serious violence and protests, such as China; Some are advised that the tourists should avoid all of the trip in those countries due to unstable security situation, ongoing insurgency, terrorist attacks, the risk of kidnapping and a high crime rate, Such as Afghanistan; The others are safe, and the visitors only need exercise the normal security precautions, such as France. Therefore