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Working as a team member of an organization is vital. Each personnel have their own task and responsibilities. To be involved with such group of people striving towards success are good to keep. Fellow members should be equipped with good attitudes, knowledge about their work, inter-personal relationship between members, willingness to learn and lastly employee who is aiming high about their career and for the organisation itself.
For a team to be successful, each member is designated in different area. They will be assigned according to their level of expertise in terms of what they are good at, the experience they have prior of being part of the said job title. By doing so, the course will run rough at first due to familiarising oneself to workflow and eventually by learning and understanding the concept of work, it will turn smoothly as days/weeks/months/years pass by.
Showing that a person can work alone is a plus factor indeed. Displaying wide range of knowledge about your work and expertise single-handedly is not a bad thing, sometimes people around you might give you a thumbs up for a job well done, however, if a person is working in an organisation, there is no way he/she can withstand the daily work especially in the business world. Never encountered any industry survived the business domain alone, it is all about team effort and teamwork.
To start up, an employee work in production department of a book printing firm. Her role involves collating printed documents; afterwards binding and prepares it for shipping to all their customers. Since she spent most of her time inside the production department, she rarely talks to the customers or sometimes, there is no contact at all towards clients. She believed that her line of job is all about collating binding and preparing before it delivers to the customers.
Considering that she’s limiting herself towards her work, she has a rational communication abilities which anyone would like to have and lucid interpersonal skills to work properly with others, in which she can’t really maximise because most of her time is inside the production area.
In regards with her work, it seems she is very practical in what she do. It is like “this is my line of work, that’s the only thing I will do” attitude. Where-in she should be aware about her job description. She is accountable about most of everything in her department, prior releasing the ordered product by the customers. Understanding the things to be done her department is her responsibility.
The problem about the employee is that she just focuses on what she does on her daily basis in her department. Her attitude towards work is self-claiming. She believes that labelling or addressing the product is not her job. By understanding her job description, it is enveloped there that, she needs to categorise the product she is shipping, by doing so, she must address all of her merchandise as well her goods towards their clients for a quality service management.
For the organisational system, they should be more vigilant towards their employee. If they identify the problem, they need to investigate and assess what is going on to that department (production area). After inspecting the involve section, they need to act fast, plan quickly what are the things they need to do in such incident. Evaluate the intervention that has been carried out on the production unit. Preventing the occurrence of the said problem will stabilise the partnership between consumers and sellers.
Limiting your work inside your department is irresponsible. As an employee of the production department, it is her duty to address the product to the customers for the continuous quality service of the organisation. With this kind of attitude, the impact to those people in the production sector (newly hired, probationary, casual, and part-time) members, will be at great risk. They might as well do the same thing with the product, because that’s what they see, encounter and