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Ireland is an island abuth the United Kingdom and in german is spoken „Irland“. Since 1973 Ireland get a member of the European Union and they have 4.581.269 inhabitants. The area is 70.180 square meters large and the capitol called Dublin. The president‘s name is Enda Keny and they pay with the Euro. The most of the inhabitants believe at the christian Church and there important church festival is the Sankt Patrick‘s Day. The biggest Mountain is the Carrauntoohil with 1.041 meters.

But for the 19th century the inhabitants will be every year less, because of much famines and crop failures. Since 1920 the inhabitants still shrinks but not more so much and fast and in the last 20 years some years the inhabitants grow a little bit up, but the reason was the much immigrants to search work there because companies don‘t have to pay many taxes and built buildings in Ireland instead in Germany or however.

What I can recommend what to do in Ireland, when you visit the country to go in a bar and drink a good irish beer and search for bar‘s in small cities, because when you have luck many people of the city come into the bar with them music instruments and play and sing all together, what is very funny. Another To-Do, rent you a bicycle or a car and take you 2-3 days free and drive through the nature of Ireland, there are many good views about the fantastic nature and live in Ireland, but don‘t forget to drive sometimes at the coast, it isn‘t a warm coast like Spain but there…