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Imagine one is an alcoholic. The individual may start realizing that he/she are becoming fatigue and developing a weakness that one has not noticed before. The individual notices shortness of breath and chest pains. The doctor tells the individual that he/she is diagnosed with Anemia and to treat it you must have a blood transfusion, if not then it will be the cause of death. The individual believes it goes against his/her religion. Would one take the offer of a blood transfusion or not? What is a blood transfusion? A blood transfusion is a safe, common procedure in which on receives blood through an IV line inserted into one of the patient’s blood vessels. In today’s modern society, blood transfusions are becoming used repeatedly. 50% of Ontarians participate in transfusions. Individuals develop illnesses such as leukemia, which basically forces that individual to acquire a blood transfusion. Some individuals follow different religions that forbid blood transfusions. This leads to causing them to abide or think twice about having a blood transfusion. To society today, there are many individuals out there that take religion too seriously. This sometimes interferes with medical attention depending on the religion you believe in. one must understand that the right to life overrides religious views. Young adolescents have been dying because they put religion before medical attention. The world is not so perfect, neither the people living in it. Some may be born with affective diseases such as Anemia, or in the future, one can be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Blood transfusions protect one’s body from affective diseases. There are countless advantages to blood transfusions. It can save lives and improve health for patients that need safe blood. Athletes benefit from a blood transfusion by more oxygen flowing through the body. Blood transfusions should be decided by the medical community because it saves lives and improves health for the recipient, protects the patient from affective diseases, and the right to life overrides religious views. To begin with, the medical community should decide blood transfusions for the first of the three reasons. Blood transfusions save lives and improves health for patients that need safe blood. According to an article on the Internet titled “Zahlee Currie’s life saved by blood transfusion when she was still a fetus” discusses three babies named Zahlee, Jasmine, and Olivia, who needed a blood transfusion right after they were born since they all were diagnosed with a type of disease as they were only a fetus. According to an article by an unknown source, by increasing the number of blood cells in the body, an athlete’s performance is enhanced due to the added amount of oxygen flowing through the body (What is Blood Doping). “This occurs when an athlete of cycling or distance running put a significant amount of stress on their entire system from the lungs to the bloodstream to the muscles. In order to maintain stamina, an athlete’s muscles require steady supplies of oxygen contained within red blood cells”(What is Blood Doping). It is believed that this allows the athlete to perform for a longer period of time than usual. A female can lose a lot of blood through all stages of pregnancy. When a miscarriage happens or complications in the early stages of pregnancy the blood may be lost. When giving birth, a lot of blood is lost and sometimes it may lead to death. The only way to save these mothers is to give a blood transfusion. The three supporting evidence discussed above tell the reader of this essay that blood transfusions help with various situations and succeed tremendously.

The medical community should decide blood transfusions for second of the three reasons, which is blood transfusion, protects the patient from affective diseases. There are many diseases in the world and some may think that these diseases will never affect them since most individuals are not infected by these