Essay Markets And Consumption

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You should become familiar with College’s Library ttp:// In particular, learn how to access and conduct searches using two key databases of journals: Business Source Premier and ABI Inform Global These and other databases are also excellent so you to collect important articles from the past. The Library has also produced a Management subject guide
General management journals – available via Business Source Premier or ABI Inform Global including Harvard Business Review, California Management Review, Sloan Management Review, and McKinsey Quarterly (published by the eponymous management consultancy) – feature ‘marketing’ topics/sections. These journals may be the most accessible.
You should also access marketing-specific journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Marketing Management, the Journal of Macro marketing, Consumption, Markets and Culture, Marketing Theory, the Journal of Consumer Culture, and, of course, the Journal of Marketing. Even though you may not be able to ‘read’ all the sections of every article, the introduction, literature review, and conclusions should be accessible. The methodology sections also provide insights on how research is conducted in marketing, which you may find instructive in relationship to other management (or non-management) disciplines you are reading.
You can – indeed should – read beyond marketing and management texts. Particularly in Y1, you have an opportunity to explore. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is one example; TED Talks include ‘business’. BBC Radio 4 is excellent for speech radio. And there is nothing wrong with reading novels with Founder’s Library as a good place to start.
Referencing is an essential part of academic work. The following are recommended:
 The APA Style – which includes the so-called Harvard system of ‘author and date’ citations – is used in management For an online tutorial; and
 Purdue University’s OWL (online writing lab) has summaries of the styles for use by students writing academic papers In particular, select the APA Style
Common Submission Requirements for Assignment 1 and Assignment 2
Font: Times New Roman is a standard font for the submission of academic work.
Size: Use 12.
Line Spacing: Use either 1.5 or 2.0 line spacing.
Margins: Use ‘normal’ page margins (i.e., 2.54cm for all four sides).
Paginate: Remember to include page numbers.
Running order of pages:
 Cover (or title) page: Include course code (MN1305) and your candidate number. Do not include your name.
 Main text: Provide a title to your paper. This should be followed by the main text (this is what counts in terms of text for the word count).
 Bibliographic references: Ensure you have adopted a correct form (see above).

Assignment 1: Marketing in the Media 2013
Assessment Weighting: 40%.
Length: 1,250 words +/-10% (= 1,125-1,375 words) excluding title page and bibliographic references.
Due Date: 7 November 2013.
Note that Workshop 3 (21/22 October) is devoted to Assignment 1. Workshop 3 assumes you have already started Assignment 1.
Marketing in the Media 2013, as Assignment 1, asks you to select an event of marketing that has appeared in the media since 1 January 2013. This is a basic starting requirement.
We are willing to accept a wide sources for your Marketing in the Media 2013 selection such as newspapers (in the U.K. or elsewhere), business periodicals (like Bloomberg Businessweek, the Economist, Forbes, or Fortune), advertisements (television, radio, print, or online), promotional campaigns, or even articles