Moving To The United States Research Paper

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Moving to The United State

Would you consider making a huge change in your life like moving to a new country? It is easier to stay close to your family, friends, your culture, and the things you are used to. However, sometimes people decide to make a huge change in their life for different reason. I moved to the U.S. for two reasons. First, moving to the U.S. was my husband’s dream, so I followed him. Many people that live abroad dream about “The American Dream”; they believe that in America anyone can succeed and get rich; they believe that an actor can easily become a Hollywood star, and a business man can start a successful company without any trouble, and so can any other person that wishes to succeed. After all, so many movies show America like one of the best countries in the world, an unbeatable country that influences the world. On the other hand, those people that are thinking of such a move do not always think about the difficulties that are involved in it. My husband, though, did think about those difficulties; yet, he wanted to realize “The Dream” of moving to the U.S. and I, of course, followed him. Some people like to make a change or take a risk sometimes. I am that kind of person that likes adventures, and even though it might not be so easy, I would take the risk and go ahead for a new exciting activity or change. Whoever knows me, knows that I am not afraid of adventures or changes: I did a skydiving, and I loved every second being there so high in the sky and watching the phenomenal view. I also