Essay On 1930s Fashion

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1930s Fashion for Women “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months” -Oscar Wilde. Fashion is constantly changing. In the 1930s fashion was transformed rapidly and accepted ideas of women’s looks were changed. The Great Depression greatly changed what Americans bought, resulting in the change of what they wore, and what they desired. The Great Depression took place October 29, 1929 through 1939. Because money was scarce, American’s were left trying to find people to make cheaper, durable clothes. Most Americans could no longer buy designer clothes and French originals. This left a door open for other designers who could provide cheaper, durable, and nice looking clothes (Clothing Design). The Great Depression could have possibly …show more content…
“Lipstick, nail polish, and mascara- which had once been the signs of a women with low morals became socially acceptable in the 1920s” (Gourley, Catherine). Cosmetics were started to be accepted in the 1920s and heavily wore in the 1930s. Most people wear makeup to cover up blemishes, to make themselves look younger and prettier, or to cover up the look of tiredness they possess. A recurring word in which people use makeup to for is to cover. During the Great Depression there was a lot of struggling. Women could have felt as if they had it all together if they were wearing makeup. Another reason women could have worn makeup is because they felt like they had to. Movie popularity was rising and Hollywood stars wore makeup. American women would imitate their favorite Hollywood stars by wearing makeup (Gourley, Catherine). Women trying to imitate Hollywood stars changed what they desired from being the best them to trying to be as good as whoever they are trying to imitate. The Great Depression contributed to the change of what women desired in that cosmetics were worn more. Also, women were trying to be someone they were