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A Rose for Emily
(as a side note I am doing this paper as I read the story) The beginning of the story starts out similar to “Story of the Hour”. It describes the main character, in this case being Miss Emily Grierson. At the beginning it described how everyone went to her funeral, which shows her importance to the town. It then goes on to tell you that the guys went there to appreciate her beauty and respect her affection in life. Whilst the girls only went to Emily’s funeral out of envy and to check out her house, and all of Emily’s possessions that she owned in life. The description of the house truly describes that of the character. How her house reflected the past with cotton gins and old gas pumps, along with spires and structure truly reflects that which of Emily’s personality. I believe it also shows how she was raised and what she believes in as a person. Though in the beginning not much is described, but you get the feeling that the house plays a key role in the story. So as I start to read paragraph four and five I get the feeling that Emily slept her way to the top. Based on what I read I feel that Emily slept with the mayor of the town to get out of paying taxes and civic duties. The book infers that she and the mayors shared the same beliefs that African-Americans should still be slaves, and she showed some leg to get out of paying money. I feel That when a “new” generation of people joined the city, and she got older she was no longer able to get out of paying taxes. This is why I believe many men went to her funeral is because she was a prostitute and they came to see her one last time. The smell that people described and how the magistrate described it as a dead snake or something