Essay On Academic Stress

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College calls for a significant transition. It is where students experience many “firsts” including new lifestyle, friends, roommates, exposure to new cultures, and alternate ways of thinking. It is during this time that students deal with a unique amount of stressors. Feelings of inadequacy can stem from academic stressors. So there is the need to do well whether the demand is from the parents, the teachers, or the students themselves. Adjusting to college also influences the students’ identity. Shaky identity and lack of confidence can lead to poor decision-making. Trying to juggle school, friends, and family while trying to figure out the rest of your life can be stressful. But if these stressors interfere with your daily activities, you may experience anxiety. Among these academic stressors, anxiety is the main cause of academic stress that negatively affects the academic performance of the selected sophomore Medical Technology students of Silliman University because it affects …show more content…
This is brought about by the different pressures students are facing. It can affect the child’s goals and dreams as it negatively impacts the child’s performance and causes him to think unfavorably. This can also affect the people around him and can cause danger to the child’s behavior. A child can be determined if he is anxious by observing that he isn’t doing well in class. He is bothered by just the littlest things and the littlest things can already set him off. He is concerned about a lot of things and cares about what the teacher might say about his performance. (Sarason, 1960) In other words, the child is feeling a lot of pressure from the external forces around him. Sarason proves in his book that students who are test anxious have self-depreciatory attitudes. They often anticipate that they will fail in the exam to the point that they will no longer meet the standards expected of them. (Sarason,