Essay On African American Slavery

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Slavery was a legal economic system where humans of a different race were owned as property. Slavery was a solution the community thought helped poverty without it being expensive. Therefore, certain people were treated poorly, suffered and ended with slaves rebelling.
African American slaves had very poor communities. A family would be living in a small shack on their owner’s property with very little privacy, food, and a sanitized place (Laporte-Brice,1969, p.5). As a result, African Americans could not own or purchase property, claim their spouses or children, or have freedom (Laporte-Brice,1969, p.5). Therefore, African Americans had less education because their owners would prohibit them to learn and many times had to teach themselves how to read and write without their owners knowing, risking their lives. Because African Americans had little to no education, it lead them to poverty. With very little education, they could not improve their lifestyle. Most African Americans at this period in time could not get a job that was more than labor work. It was easier to trick them into thinking they would get low pay, but they ended up becoming a slave.
Being a slave was very tough because they had very little food, worked long hours, had no medical care, and experienced separation. Women who were slaves suffered the most and they were either beat or not treated properly when pregnant. The kids from pregnant slaves were sold, separated from their mother because of
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