Essay On Alternative Tourism

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Alternative tourism in Attica’s islands and Piraeus
The Gulf of Argosaronikos contains a bunch of little islands that can be fast and easily reached by hydrofoil from the port of Piraeus. Hydra, Spetses, Poros, Aegina, Agistri and Salamina, the biggest of the Argosaronikos islands, offer numerous normal elements, for example, shorelines, coastline towns, winding cobblestone avenues .Every one of them has achieved to maintain its own special attraction and character. The Saronic islands are understood to partners of history, society and excellence. Every day tour agencies organize many cruises from Piraeus to these and give visitors the opportunities to live a unique experience in a more alternative way in those areas.
A great choice for alternative tourism is the island of Hydra in the Argo-Saronic Gulf. Many local organizations plan a basic walk around the island in order to uncover the guests a wide range of concealed pleasures. Moreover, this walk begins at the harbor and after that takes after the street away towards Kala Pigadia. The entire walk takes around 60 minutes. The island’s over 200-years-old,
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So, Agistri is the best choice for enjoying nature, solitude and relaxing pursuits, this pine-covered island has four small settlements. Every visitor can explore the island and also taste excellent local delicacies or visit a few shops and stay in traditional small hotels. The best time for planning this journey is amid the spring or fall months of September and October. In Agistri every visitors join in trekking with different roads each time, similar to ocean kayaking or cycling. Moreover, Ocean kayaking as well gives guests access to the most puzzling parts of the island with their steep rocks. Agistri is a perfect site for scuba jumping or other fun alternatives