Essay On Andrew Jackson's Speech To Congress On Indian Removal

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The native Americans discovered gold on their land, white settlers desired to take their land for their own personal gain. The economic value was the reason the white settlers wanted their land. With the land being full of gold, it was very profitable for the government to sell the land to American settlers and speculators. Furthermore, it took multiple presidents, and some shady work by the state representatives to get the Removal Act passed by congress.
The Cherokee India “Trail of Tears” is a historical event that forced thousands of native Americans to give up their ancestral lands in North Georgia because of an act signed by president Andrew Jackson in 1830. After the removal Act was signed, the opportunity to sell their land to the
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He implies that a speedy removal would be best for the government, the states and all involved, to make room for the waves of white population that is coming in. By the Natives relocating they are ensuring a better life than their ancestors had, even though it will be hard to leave behind the graves.

A soldier recalls the Trail of Tears A soldier that grew up in the southeast, met and became acquainted with many Cherokee Indians on his long hunting trips. Hunting with them by day and sitting by the fire at night. He accounts caring for the wounded and learning their language.
This soldier found himself required to see out the orders of the forced removal. He speaks of sadness and solemnity that morning; Knowing the Natives would be leaving for good. It’s noted that the trail of exiles was a trail of death. This soldier speaks of doing all he could to lessen the suffering that the removal had