Essay On Anglo Saxon Heroism

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Anglo Saxons and Heroism
Anglo Saxons had a plethora of values. One of them was work. Everyone worked including women and even children. Anglo Saxons, although not alive anymore, had values that are both similar and different from our’s. For example, in war, killing everyone including women, children, and helpless people was considered heroic. Of course modern-day humans would disagree with concept greatly. In fact, an Anglo-Saxon would actually prefer death over life because in their religion, dying was considered an instant ticket to heaven. Because of this, an Anglo-Saxon would actually be rather disappointed if they did not die in battle.
Over the centuries, different civilizations came and went and so values such as heroism and other important
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Although he did not know he would die, he was killed doing something heroic which was addressing the issue of civil rights to a mass crowd. Not only did a large amount of people hear his message, but his death may have made him even more influential to them, backfiring on who James Earl Ray, his killer. Interestingly enough, in the book “Slaughterhouse Five”, the idea of heroism is very different from most would think. The book conveys a sense of savagery in war and demonizes it. According to the book, to go and fight for something is a horrible thing to do because too many people die. The book, instead of going and focusing on the glory of war and the joy of winning, focuses on the darker aspects of it. Unnecessary killings, rape, and environmental destructions are some of them. This is entirely different than what the Anglo Saxons used to think. In fact, the Anglo Saxon’s view of heroism is the literal opposite than what this book says it is. One man’s view of being a hero could be another’s idea of a villain and because of that, different societies may have clashed a lot in the past and maybe even today. Different ideas of what it means to be a hero could actually be a prime