Essay On Antisocial Personality Disorder

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Antisocial personality disorder is characterized by failure to comply with social norms or law. A person with this disorder will likely act in a way will get them arrested at some point during their lifetime. It is also common for a person with the condition to misuse drugs and alcohol which can be deadly. Furthermore, these people are willing to do dangerous or unethical things to get what they want. In fact, “many researchers and clinicians would argue that people with antisocial personality disorder are in states of mind in which other people are seen as either predator or prey, and that they are therefore justified in acting cruelly towards them”. It is important to recognize the disease impacted by the person’s actions. This paper will discuss possible causes, the diagnostic criteria, and possible treatment of antisocial personality disorder (APD).
When diagnosing an individual with antisocial personality disorder psychologists look closely for some of these characteristics: great egocentrism, lack of empathy, lack of self-direction, and lack of intimacy. Individuals with the disorder are often greatly concerned with their own interest and pleasure. This heavy concern often exists to a point where they lack any concern for other’s needs,
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They use their charisma to attract another person to assist them in achieving their own selfish desires. It is also common that they will not care who their behavior hurts. Individuals with APD are more inclined to be dishonest and fabricate events. Anger tends to be prominent and that leads to mean and vengeful actions. Also, they are more impetuous, and prone to take dangerous risks to get what they want. Finally, they are irresponsible and have a tendency to not follow through on obligations or