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The Anzac Legend
April 25, 1915, the legend of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps was created through eight months of intensive warfare on Gallipoli. The word Anzac has been part of Australia’s history, language, life and thought since 1915, Anzac is the acronym for “Australian and New Zealand Army Corps”. ‘Anzac’ was used in various ways, for military formation, as in the ‘Anzac area’, ‘Anzac cover’, people,etc. The importance of ‘Anzac’ was widely spread partly because of the Anzac Legend as well as the history of the Gallipoli landing. The Gallipoli Campaign was deemed unsuccessful as they lost 8,709 Australian soldiers, 2701 New Zealanders ending with failure in military victory. Although there was no military victory,
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These qualities were what made the Anzac’s different than any other nations. Their particular attributes included:
Ability to remain steady and with good humour, even in the most difficult times
The ability to be resourceful in times when you have no supplies, for example, making hand grenades with empty tin cans.
The spirit of mateship in which a soldier would risk his own life for his mate’s.
Australian courage that was presented on the very first landing at Anzac Cove where the soldiers continued to charge up on to the beach straight into line of Turkish fire.
The notion that people all deserve the same amount of respect, no matter what their background is.
There are arguments against the Anzac Legend, some historians believe that the Anzac Day and the Anzac legend have become expressions of emotion, denying the reality of soldiers’ wartime experiences. Also, they thought that World War 1 caused more division than nation-building in Australian society and that it ignored Australia’s huge death tolls. 25 April 1915 is a national day that commemorates the history of the war, the day the Anzacs landed on the shore along the Gallipoli peninsula in