Essay On Appearance Vs Reality In Macbeth

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Appearance vs Reality in Macbeth
Shakespeare’s message concerning appearance vs reality is that every dose not act like they appear to, but in reality have a different unknown personality or possibility underneath. This message can be seen through in William Shakespeare’s, Macbeth. Macbeth appears to care about the wellbeing of those whom he has killed and got killed. The prophecies and apparitions the Witches show Macbeth appear to be good but in reality lead to his downfall. Lady Macbeth appears to fit her gender role as a woman but is in reality nothing like it. Everyone and everything does not always appear as they really are.
Macbeth appears to care about the death of Duncan and Banquo but in reality it was his underneath personality that killed them both and pretended like he cared. Macbeth appears to want to take revenge on the framed murders of Duncan. Macbeth killed Duncan’s guards because of “Th' expedition of [his] violent love” (II.iii.129) for Duncan, but in reality it was him who killed him because he wanted to be king. Macbeth wsn to appear to be
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Lady Macbeth appears to be warm and welcoming when Duncan arrives but in reality she know Macbeth is going to kill him that night. The reality is that the “fatal entrance of Duncan / Under [Lady Macbeth’s] battlements” (I.v.46-47) was all her pan and not Macbeth's. It would appear that Lady Macbeth had nothing to do with the killing of Duncan because her gender stereotype can even bare the sight of a dead body, but th reality is that she planned the entire killing of Duncan. Macduff know the gender role and “ 'Tis not for [her] to hear … /… murder as it fell” (II.iii.96-99) because she is a Woman. This is a false appearance because she planned the murder and she saw the dead bodies the night of the murder. Lady Macbeth appears to fit her role as a woman but her true personality is nothing like