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Being involved in athletics, there have been many times that I have been injured and had to go to the athletic trainer. Just a couple of years ago, I messed up my knee in softball and had to see an athletic trainer for it. When it first happened, I was worried about how it would affect me playing in sports in the long run, but with the help of athletic trainers and physical therapy, I was able to come back to sports and feel 100%. Seeing the athletic trainers work and help people to get back into sports has influenced me into wanting to become an athletic trainer and to help athletes like I was. An athletic trainer is someone who is specialized in the diagnosing and rehabilitation for athletes with injuries ("Athletic Trainers"). With the …show more content…
Once you have been out of a sport for an injury, there isn't a better feeling then being told you can play again. I want to be the person to help athletes work to get back and eventually get that feeling of relief because I have been in that position and I know how it feels, so I want to be part of it. That's what being an athletic trainer can do to help me to help people in my community.
While playing in multiple sports, I've learned great leadership and communication skills.
All of the sports I play involve being on a team. Being part of a team has taught me a lot about communicating with others and being a leader. Communication is essential while playing sports.
Leadership and communication has come pretty naturally to me in sports and that has helped me tremendously while working with others outside of sports. While working in groups at school, there are always times where I am not working with people I normally associate with. Having good communication skills makes doing things like this a lot easier. With the help of sports bettering my communication skills, I got the privilege to help volunteer with young kids playing tee ball. Being able to help younger kids play tee ball also showed me a lot about teaching