Essay On Batik

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For this assignment, we need to assume that we are working in a consulting company that advices Malaysian client about foreign culture and market. Our clients want to expand to international marketplace. Therefore, we need to prepare an informational report which has a clear understanding on the environment and business custom of that particular country where our client intend to do business. Our group chooses a country as Dubai and introduces batik as our product to enter the market in Dubai. My Batik Village Enterprise which is a Malaysia registered company specializes in a large range of batik products ranging from batik paintings, batik accessories, and batik clothes. However, it is not yet introduces their batik to international market. Before start the discussion, we must have some knowledge about what is batik? "Batik actually means as wax writing and that is basically what batik is all about. It is a way of decorating cloth by covering a part of it with a coat of wax and then dyeing the cloth.”(The Jakarta Post, January 24, 2010). All the …show more content…
The remainder is usually manufactured by contract arrangement with independent artists. Their factory and workshop tend to create an environment which is exciting and stimulating in order to produce beautiful and unique art to wear. The batik clothes in this company mainly produced and designed in their factory which located in Malaysia. The most interesting part is we can be our own designer for the batik clothes as we can choose our favorite colors, batik graphics even though pattern of our clothes. Besides, they buy the materials for batik making such as wax, canting, brush, cloth, and dye in bulk. They are able to carry out the most competitive price in the market to their customers. They will also supply batik painting kits which contain tools and items used by the original batik