Essay On Bebop Music

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When many people think of bebop music you think of legendary people like Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and Max Roach. These people are the best bebop players that have ever played bebop music in their lifetime. Bebop music was popular in the 40s but, bebop music was played way before that time period. People didn’t know that bebop was played before this time period. One person that would be the founder of trombone bebop music and that is J.J. Johnson. J.J Johnson was one of the first people to discover bebop music and be able to play it on a trombone with people taking years to master at his level of playing.
Johnson changed the music industry by becoming one of the first players to play the trombone to bebop music. When he first wrote music, he found that the music he wrote was fast with complicated rhythms in the music. At that time, bebop music was not popular and nobody was playing at this time. So, Johnson decided to not play what bebop was but, to revolutionize the music industry by creating a new
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A quote to support this is from the Evolution of Jazz Music says, “He adapted the melodic lines for the trombone, rather than trying to adapt the trombone for bebop. While his solos lacked the harmonic and melodic complexity of a saxophonist or …show more content…
Johnson was famous in the music industry due to him being a founder of bebop music and his being the first to play trombone professionally. Other people started to play bebop after Johnson but, Johnson was the definitive founder of bebop music and this would make bebop music popular after his legacy was over. People would carry on his tradition of bebop music until the 50s, when bebop music declined. When J.J Johnson played trombone, he became the master at playing and it would take years for other people to catch up to his level of mastery. Johnson would help create bebop music and was one of the first players to play trombone professionally and this made him a part of bebop music