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Essay on Behavioral Plan A behavioral plan can be successful when “positive and negative reinforcement” is used therefore, my behavioral plan for Joe would be to reiterate the classroom rules such as, “no talking," "be respectful" and "no running." I would make sure that Joe understands these rules and adheres to all of them. If Joe does not comply with the rules, consequences would follow. For example, if Joe continues to be disruptive in the classroom then he would be given a warning for his unacceptable behavior and privileges would be loss such as, recess or playtime. I would also rearrange Joe’s seat to the front of the classroom away from the window and from the girl who does a lot of talking, so that Joe will focus on the class lesson. I could also implement a point system for Joe, where he will earn 3 points if he stays in his seat without reminders. He would get two points for staying seated with only one reminder and one point for staying seated with two reminders. If Joe receives three reminders, he will receive zero points. Alternatively, I would encourage Joe to behave in an orderly manner and he could earn points for a small reward such as, stickers or school supplies but only if he manages to earn a minimum of 6 points throughout the day. After a few weeks, Joe should improve his behavior and anticipate his reward. I could up the requirements by challenging Joe to earn more than 6 points if he participates in class and completes his assignments. His positive behavior would entitle him to a bigger reward such as, extra recess or a treat of his choice. Consequently, Joe will begin to demonstrate acceptable behavior and will look forward to a reward for his