Essay On Beowulf Hero

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Heros are separated into different groups based on what standards they meet. The two groups debated for Beowulf is if he is more of an Anglo-Saxon hero, or an epic hero. Although they have similar characteristics they are split to separate the two different kinds of stories. Characteristics of an epic hero are strong, ethical, on a quest, and glorified. Where the characteristics of an Anglo-Saxon hero are that they are brave, loyal, generous, and friendship. This leads to the conclusion that Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon hero.
Beowulf shows that he is very loyal in many situations such as when he tells king Hrothgar “ To earn your love, oh great king, anything More than I have done, battles I can fight In your honor, summon me,” (Beowulf 174-175). This shows loyalty to the king that he serves under by being willing to give himself for the king. The loyalty that Beowulf shows to not only his king, but king Higlac
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Friendship is when someone looks out for others even when they are not expected to. Friendship followed Beowulf around wherever he seeked adventure. Beowulf uses his friendships to help him along his journey to achieve his end goals. This is expressed when it is said about Beowulf “ you're brave soldiers, anyone of all the people in Denmark, old or young- they, and you, may now sleep without fear of either monster, mother or son.” (Beowulf 22-25). This shows friendship because he fought to help king Hrothgar to defeat, and defend his people from Grendel, and his mother. His love to help people, and his willingness to be a friend to all is what helped Beowulf to lead his men to a victory against Grendel. Beowulf is a good example of a friend such as when he Unferth gives a precious sword “ his famous sword, and offered it to Beowulf, asked him to accept a precious gift. The prince took it, thanked him, and declared the weapon one he was proud to own.”(Beowulf