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Business Information Systems Security (BISS)


Fingerprint Biometric Technology Abstract

Biometric technology signifies the technologies that are used to examine the biological traits of person’s physical (fingerprints, facial shape, eye retinas, hand measurement) or behavioural (DNA, Gait, signatures) characteristics to determine whether or not that particular individual is in fact who or what it is confirmed to be.
Some working Biometric technologies used in today’s world.
Finger Prints
Eye retinal Scan/ Iris Codes

I decided on examining fingerprints scan mostly because it is the oldest, most effective and most broadly used Biometric Technology nowadays which is very relevant topic for my final report. It is very simple to operate and involves fingerprint being scanned then converts scanned data into digital form and finally compare it with stored data from Database.1 Also this system is already being practiced on places such as airports to check in quicker, some company to check their employees Criminal History Record (CHRI), super market for secure payment etc.2

Over other biometric system it has its figure of advantages:
Fake fingerprints are very difficult to make and it can’t be forget nor erased.
Disadvantages: Most people fingerprints wear out with age, typically for manual worker and injuries, which might harm their fingerprints3.

Being an oldest biometric technology out in the public it has limitless resources where I can assemble