Essay on Buddhism

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September 25, 2013
One afternoon, in late October, I was on my way home from shopping with my parents. On the radio, we heard an important announcement, one about a critical weather report, regarding a hurricane. My family, along with probably the rest of the East Coast, didn’t take a lot of consideration to this; especially because we have had about 2 other “hurricane” reports previously, where nothing happened except strong winds. Basically, this so-called catastrophic, dangerous hurricane warning was thought of as a joke. While driving in the car, I looked at my phone, and noticed about 12 new messages, regarding to the fact that we don’t have school for the following day! “Yes! This is great! ”, I thought to myself. For the rest of the day, I just stayed home, watched television, caught up on schoolwork, and cleaned my house a bit. An extra day off from school, I thought. I slept in the next morning, happy with my day off from school, but disappointed in the weather. It was a very cloudy, gloomy day. I noticed that it was very dark outside, for 9 am. Also, it was very windy. “That’s just about how much of a hurricane we’ll get” , I thought. It was October 29th; I recollected the fact that a few of my projects/homeworks were due. I decided to just relax the whole day, catch up on sleep, and maybe even watch a few television shows. It was just an average day in Manhattan. Maybe a little dark outside, but not completely horrible! Apparently, that was just about enough for the NYCDOE (New York