Essay On Bug Tracking System

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ACIT2730 Assignment 2
Bug Tracking System

Damian Kim
Set 2B

1. Use Case Diagram
I thought about Microsoft bug report that I never get respond back, so I assumed users do not need to be notified.

2. Use Case Scenarios

Use Case Name
Creates a bug report; when a user detects a bug, he/she can report the bug by creating a bug report.
Primary Actor
Stakeholders and Interests:
User creates a bug report with enough details in it
User - wants the bug to be fixed
System admin – views the report and record detail
User detects a bug
A bug report is created and directed to a system administrator
Main success scenario (or Basic Flow):
1. User detects a bug
2. User opens report window
3. User fills in bug details
4. User submit a bug report
Special Requirements
1. Bug detection
2. User is connected to internet

Use Case Name
Change bug status
Primary Actor
Stakeholders and Interests:
Analyst attempts to fix the bug and if there’s change to the bug status, update the status
Analyst – wants to spot critical problems
problems need to be spotted if not, certain period of time need to be passed
Update bug status(solved/unsolved/in progress/etc..)
Main success scenario (or Basic Flow):
1. Analyst spot a critical error that causes the bug
2. Apply fix
3. Update action log
4. Update bug status
Extensions (or Alternative Flows):
1. Analyst can’t seem to be able to spot the