Essay On Cheerleading Injuries

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“The statistics are equally grim in college, where cheerleading accounted for 66.7 percent of all female sports catastrophic injuries, compared to the past estimate of 59.4 percent.” (Live Science Staff). College cheerleading accounted for 70.5% of all female catastrophic sports injuries and high school cheerleading for 65.2% of all high school female catastrophic sports injuries. Without a doubt, cheerleading is the most dangerous female sport when we look at the number of catastrophic injuries (Mueller); however, through selection of properly certified coaches and their knowledge of the proper use of equipment, repetitive practice, and positive attitude, one can successfully reduce cheerleading injuries.
Before you enlist in any cheerleading
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A spotter is required for single base shoulder level stunts in which the feet of the flyer are in the hands of the base. The spotter must be in a position to protect the flyer’s head, neck and shoulders when coming off a stunt or pyramid or landing in a cradle. In most stunts this is behind or beside the flyer. Spotters must have their attention focused on the top person at all times of the stunt unless looking away in order to retrieve poms or signs as long as their focus returns back to the flyer. The spotter also may not support under the heel or sole of the top flyer's foot in a single based extended stunt. They may hold at the ankle of the flyer and/or the wrist of the base or any combination thereof. The spotting rule only applies to stunts in which a spotter is required by rule. For example, a spotter for a prep can hand a sign or poms to the flyer, as a prep does not require a spotter. In this case, the skill would be considered to be performed without a spot, which is legal ( American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators