Essay On Cloning Extinct Animals

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Cloning Extinct Animals Over the years, many animals became extinct through changes in the environment or predators. These animals balanced out the environment and the food chain. With them gone, the balance of the ecosystem is off. Cloning could bring them back and change that. “A clone is a genetically identical copy of an organism, and it may be naturally occurring or created in the lab” (Genetics Generation). Scientists should clone extinct animals because it can gives a lot of scientific knowledge and advancements. Cloning extinct animals helps with ecology. When animals become extinct, the food chain gets affected. The animals above have to change what they prey on, while the animals below could grow exceedingly because they don’t have to worry about being eaten. It causes overpopulation as well as the extinction of other species. “The best reasons for bringing back extinct animals have more to do with ecology than tourism” (Sciencemag). The main reason for bringing back extinct animals is to help with ecology instead of for tourism purposes. “Re-introducing certain species and releasing them back into their natural habitat could help level the playing field and restore balance to ecosystems, especially ones that have been disrupted by human behaviour” (Occupy Theory). …show more content…
For example, if a species became extinct because of a disease, it would be easier for scientists to figure out how to cure it. “The animals involved could also open up research into medical conditions such as viruses and pathogens that they may have immunity to allowing vaccines and cures to be developed” (Occupy Theory). Scientists could discover new medicine to cure certain diseases that haven’t been able to be cured before. The world of medicine is always growing and expanding with new knowledge and information. Cloning extinct animals could help bring some new knowledge with medicine and keep continuing the