Essay On Columbine High School Shooting

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Should the Parents of the two boys that caused the shooting at Columbine High School should go to jail? In April 20, 1999 a very special girl named Rachel Scott who believed that she can change the world has died because in the shooting. She want everyone to be forgiving and kind. She created the 30 Days of Kindness, and the Chain Reaction. She wants to convince everyone to help each other. The shooting was called by two boys named Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. Dylan and Eric was students at Columbine High School. They have bombs and weapons that killed 12 students and one teacher, and after that they take their lives. Is the parents of the boy boys should go to jail for their boys actions?
The parents should go to jail. Because they should
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Dylan and Eric have bombs at the shooting, they had to test the bombs. If the parents did have heard they should see what is going on. They should be able to see the bombs and guns in the boy’s room. But they never went up to boys’ rooms. If the parents caught what the boys are doing in their rooms, Rachel could have been alive right now. The parents might have let it happen!
Yes, the parents couldn’t know that their kids are doing, however, the parents should have checked on them once in a while. Some parent maybe ever know all of their boy’s secret. But for the kids safety their parent should ALWAYS checked on them. The parent could have been worried and more protective. People need to take better care of their children. If the parents of Eric and Dylan should have stopped them going to Columbine High School.
The boys’ parents should have checked on the boys. They could have heard the exploding test bombs in the boy’s rooms. They should also raise them way better. So the parents should go to jail for not raising them much better. So those are the reasons that Dylan’s and Eric’s parents should go to jail for not telling or warning