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Compensating For Only One The absents of one parent in a household can have both a positive and a negative effect on a child’s perception of life. Having only one parent in the house can cause a child’s personality to be forced to adapt in order to compensate for the absence of the other parents of the other parent. Some adjustments made by children in single parent homes are, maturing faster, learning to be frugal, and adjusting to only having one parent around. Responsibility is greater in a single parent home because there is one less adult in the household to help out where the other one doesn’t have the time or energy to do. Not only are there more chores, but self reliance becomes a necessary part of everyday life. There is not always someone around to help the child with a problem, therefore, the child learns how to solve problems on their own. In some cases this can be a good thing but children become accustom to this and when a problem arises that should be dealt with by an adult, they try to handle it by themselves because that is how they learned to deal with issues. Which can get them into danger or trouble depending on the way they decided to deal with the problem. Another responsibility which many children in single parent homes acquire is the sense of caution when involving money. Children are taught to be more frugal because there is no dual income, they begin to learn the value of money earlier in life. Debt and hardship can play a large part in a single family home, which is not only stressful for children but can be mentally damaging. In addition to worry about money at a young age there are many other stressful situations encountered by children in single parent home. Many have to be babysat or take buses to and from school. These situations can cause a sense of abandonment, children do not always understand the reasons behind a parent making decisions that seam unfair to the child. They don’t realize that parents can’t spend every moment of everyday with them, because they have to work to provide for their children. Being forgotten after school or a sports practice can have damaging effects on a child self esteem, but things like that happen when there is only one person to deal with everything life throws at them, Furthermore, in multiply children homes there always seems to be an unbalance between responsibilities in the children, the children with more feel as though they are being mistreated or are not as loved as the others. Without two parents present in a child’s life situations become more difficult to handle. However, if a successful lifestyle is to be achieved is a single parent home, children and the parent must adjust to the situation they are put in. Without this adjustment there can be many issues that can last a lifetime. This adjustment is not always smooth especially if the change is abrupt, families can be torn apart in as little as a few hours, everyone remaining in the household is going to have to learn to cope with the changes. Whether it means a parent can’t make it to a game or school function, or a child has to spend time with a babysitter or in an after school program. There are many things that are different situations involved in growing up in a single parent home verse a duel parent home. A negative experience I had when growing up in a