Essay On Confederate Statues

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Should Confederate Statues be removed from public settings?

Wars, Slavery, Segregation, and Freedom all of these play a major role in the history of America and everything we have been through as a people and the hardships we had to face together to be where we are now. the many years of laying down innocent man’s life for what was right so that the generations to come would be able to have a better life and wouldn’t have to go through the difficult time's many people back than had to face.

Confederate Statues shouldn’t have the right to be in a public setting because they bring back to many harsh memories of the hardships black slaves and black people had to go through to fight for their freedom and life’s these white supremacist
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By doing this we not will lose the history of the Civil war . Taking away this part of our history from the public eye will help cause less uproar in the community and country. If it’s not in the public eye , but in history books people can read about it And learn about the history and the role that the Confederates played in it. It will still be apart of American history and everybody will be happy. By removing the Confederate statues we will have peace in our country and community .

The American Civil War will always play a big role in American History it will always remind us of where we have come from as a people and the struggle’s and wars we had to go through to finally be at peace and where we are now although we still have much work to do and it might take sometime , to reach it. It will be worth fighting