Essay On Cuban Architecture

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Cuban culture has always been rich in technique, especially when it comes to architecture. The architecture of cubs is the cordial juxtaposition of various architectural styles that displays an impressive assortment of buildings created by both international and world famous local architects.

The appeal and uniqueness of Cuban architecture is not just its quality but also its diversified scale. Despite the diversity, Cuban architecture is inimitably Cuban and adaptive. Cuban architecture displays every Renaissance style, which can be witnessed in the colonial fortresses, Baroque style of churches and palaces, and through the Moorish homes and buildings, testifying the presence of Moors in eight century. Cuban architecture effortlessly reflects the Catalonian Modernism or Art Nouveau, the Neoclassic, the Art Déco, the Eclectic, and Streamline contemporary style inspired by Miami South Beach, France and New York City.

Havana is an explicit example of Cuban architectural skill.
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The cultural diversity of the country is the perfect mirror of its social and political history, which brings in thousands of architecture professionals and students from all round the world.

Military structures in Cuba are example of some of the early finest Cuban architecture. Colonial architecture in Cuba showcases Spanish, Italian, Moorish Roman, and Greek influences.

During 19th century, the neo-classic technique became wildly popular. The influence of the style can be seen all over the country. Started in 1859, Havana's district represents the height of the architectural era. Cuba is much more than a tourist destination; it is a complete package of knowledge, history and natural. Due to rapid progress in education and cultural sector, Cuba has become a center of attention for all the architecture professionals and history