Essay On Cultural Identity

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The formation of my cultural identity and value judgment consist of several components such as the social norms, my family’s way of nurturing and the values which given to me in this process, and the most significant one for me is building my experiences on all of them. The most crucial part of this period is being self-awareness in private and public. As Stephen (2009) stated “disengaging self-awareness may also result in less “humane” responses.” (p. 60). I agree with this statement and I think I am the lucky one that I have this personal quality in order to analyze my past to enhance my future life. Imagine being forced out of the city you once called home. Imagine leaving your home in such a rush as to not being able to say goodbye. My grandparents were forced to migrate from Thessaloniki to mainland Turkey. As you see, growing up with these life stories was inevitable. While I was trying to add my personal identity some values from these stories like …show more content…
Situational factors can trigger spontaneous self-concepts in people that run counter to the independent self or interdependent self fostered by their culture (Kühnen et al., 2001; Kühnen & Oyserman, 2002).” In my point of view, this subject relates with nurture issue, not nature one, I mean that the style a raising a child and child’s experiences. My parents has fostered me as possible as qualified. They always said, “Each thing that you have learned is bracelet to your arm.” Ultimately, I have some knowledge about both sports and musical instruments. What my family emphasized to me when I was growing up is the most important thing is improving myself but at the same time I should be careful about balancing with self-esteem. In addition to this, my parents’ expectation regarding marriage is also in this direction. Their only condition about it is my financial and educational situation in order to stand on my own