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Third step of wet cupping therapy (second cupping)

1- In the CPC method, when a second vacuum pressure is applied during cupping therapy, collected fluids are mixed with blood inside the skin uplifting and then the mixture is sucked outside the skin. Filtered fluids then replace extruded fluids soon in the interstitial spaces and then become excreted.
2- In the PC method, punctured sites are usually tapped to draw blood out. In the CPC method, second cupping suctioning is enough to excrete collected fluids inside skin uplifting (no need for tapping puncture sites).
3- When the second vacuum pressure is applied during cupping therapy, traction forces lead to increased capillary permeability.
4- In the CPC method, when the second vacuum pressure is applied during cupping therapy, there is increased filtration at both the arterial end as
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This removes difficulties in lymphatic drainage and improves lymphatic circulation. In the PC method, collected fluids may be lower as skin upliftings form late.
15- Suction of interstitial tissue fluids induced by continuous negative vacuum suction may increase capillary permeability (due to traction forces induced by suction), and may filter more fluids (containing crystalloids and colloids at both arterial and venous ends of capillaries) from blood capillaries to the interstitial spaces.
16- Cupping-induced increase in capillary blood flow may stimulate more blood flow to cupped area causing more fluid filtration, then excretion through skin incisions. This may help in improving the systemic and local circulations, improving tissue perfusion, improving cellular oxygenation, improving venous drainage and improving blood clearance.

After the end of cupping