Essay On Cyber Bullying

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Cyber bullying:
Types of people who commit cyber bullying:
Due to the nature and dynamics of cyber bullying, it is often times very difficult to identify the perpetrators of this offence but when identified, the perpetrators tend to fall into 2 categories. The first category identifies those offenders who hold a high social status, are well connected to their peers and have concerns about popularity. And the other category consist of those who bully because they themselves are or have been victims of social isolation, they also tend to have low self-esteem and are empowered by the anonymity of cyber space and use this to help them deal with their own insecurities. (Prinsloo 2013; 53)
Motivations for cyber bullying:
In accordance to the type of people who commit cyber bullying, it is very important that we classify their motivation in a similar fashion. The category of those who bully because of their high social stature, are often times motivated by the desire to stay popular, use their social stature to hurt others (as hurting others often makes them seem powerful) and are motivated by the
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Where more and more people have identified that they’re able to make more money (and in much safer ways) by committing economic cybercrimes (Icove et al 1995: 64). The emotional well-being and stability of the offender can also play a role in the individual’s motivations to commit this crime – this is clearly identified in cases that are characterized by employees who may feel wronged by the institution in some way, and retaliate by attacking the company’s assets. Lastly it’s important to acknowledge that some economic cyber criminals are motivated by the thrill they get from a successful cyber-attack on a company, which not only yields them financial gain but also serves as a sense of acknowledgment for their skills and expertise (Richards