Essay On Cyberbullying

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One of the trends today is taking selfies. It is believed that Self-portrait or selfie’s have been practiced many years ago. It just happen that there are increasing number of people who use the word “selfie” whenever they take pictures of themselves through the influence of social media. Wilson(2014) declared the City of Makati, Philippines ranks the highest number of people, taking selfies with 258 selfie-takers per 100,000 people.. This article is an implication that Filipinos were a huge fan of selfies. Being a fan of taking selfies are not always advantageous, according to Silverman (2013) Selfies are one of the components of cyberbullying that can lead to worst case scenario. Youth who takes selfies is often believed as a sign of approval from their peers by posting it to social media like facebook and instagram. But, once they failed to gain or attract attention and approval to their desire peer group it may lead into cyber bullying. In fact, according to Sellgren(2014) Cyber bullying cases …show more content…
The study would use several survey scales for gathering data more specifically on selected teenagers. Participants and Sampling There were (n=160) teenagers who participated throughout the study from muntinlupa, las piñas, paranaque and san pedro, laguna. The willing respondents who participated are all selfie takers, a person who takes selfies at least once a day up to extremities. The study would use purposive as its sampling technique. Instrumentation Selfie behavior questionnaire. It includes question about the level of their selfie behavior. Question such as, how often do you take selfie’s daily? Age and gender is also included on this questionnaire to provide some demographic information about the