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Demonstrative Communication
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This paper will discuss all aspects of demonstrative communication as well as give examples. It is to show all factors that give positive as well as negative influences while communicating. Each non- verbal cue, works hand- in- hand with one another. I have researched each non-verbal cue and could to break them down giving more knowledge as well as understanding. Communicating non-verbally is used often even when it is unaware to you. Whether it is used by hand, gestures, body language, tone of voice, eye gazing and even your appearance. I realized it is almost like a system we possess to give a better understanding when speaking to one another. What this means is demonstrative communication should not be taken lightly but should be considered when speaking to one another.

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Demonstrative Communication

A big part of our communication is solely based on non-verbal cues. Demonstrative Communication is very common and plays a big role within the human race. The different type of non-verbal communication varies from facial expressions, eye gazing, hand gestures, and posture. Non-verbal cues can also include ones tone of voice, handshakes, even our hair styles. A persons detail to their representation can reveal who they are and how they will relate to others upon communication. Facial expressions play a huge role in non-verbal communication. Let’s take in how a simple smile or grin can send off so many different facts when speaking to someone. There are many cultures within the world today, and no matter how different each of them are one thing remains similar throughout the world, our facial expressions. The face can be seen like a switch, it may demonstrate a person’s future actions. When a certain expression is shown upon a person’s face it is then taken in by the receiver providing a more precise reaction to the discussion. It also may show a person’s next reaction. There are over 100 different facial expressions one can possess. For example: happy, sad, angry, hopeless; those are most common. We also have radiance, dreamy, sardonic, shy, and the list goes on and on. While communicating verbally one can be saying one thing but non-verbally that same individual can be demonstrating a different emotion Demonstrative Communication 4

upon their faces. As you notice though, with certain facial expressions an individual will also use different types of body language. Purposeful gestures as well as body language, is a key principal way to communicate without using terms. Familiar gestures can result from waving, pointing, to air quotes and applause. Your body speaks without your mouth uttering certain words. It is known that actions speak louder than words. To emphasize in a conversation one will use body and certain hand gestures to get their point across. It is good to use physical action because it shows your feelings and your true thoughts on the subject. Within body language there are different types of mannerism. For instance pacing, rocking, biting lips, aping, turning of the head from side to side, all giving off a negative response to what is going on. Despite all gestures all gestures that can be named one by one they all can be categorized into groups. We have descriptive, emphatic, suggestive, as well as prompting gestures. Descriptive gestures, gives the audience a comparison and contrast of