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Daniela Romero
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Realizing the difference between the statements “I like this” and “This is good” is important for any person critiquing any type of art. To say something is good one must have facts and not based it on opinion. It is not a judgement but knowledge of the artwork.
I went to see a production called Destination Hell. It is hosted by Alpha and Omega
Church. It is a seasonal play done each year with different plots to portray the same message.
People had given so much positive feedback about the play that I wanted to see for myself what was the big fuzz about. I came into the church expecting to be blown away. However, it did not meet my expectations. The play was based on the perspective a teen girl going through life unsatisfied in everything she did. Failing classes, struggles at home, unfaithful boyfriend, and backstabbing friends her only escape was doing what she loved which was dancing. Every night going to clubs drinking her sorrows until one night. A night that changes her life around. Being poisoned by one of her friends, she is rushed to the hospital diagnosed with a coma. In the coma, she experiences something out of the natural. She enters through the gates of Hell and has dialogue with both Jesus and Satan. She comes into a conclusion after seeing herself in Hell that she does not want to live her life the way she was. She asked Jesus for a second chance and wakes up from the coma. The end of the play consists of the characters reconciling, forgiving each other for losing time with one another and live each moment with purpose.
In my opinion, this production was poorly made. It had some good things about it but in general I did not like it. Let’s start with what was good about the play. The play had great

scenery. Each scene played its’ part and was a tiny replica of the real place. For example, the scene when the young girl enters Hell the audience suddenly comes across a scorching heat wave, people dressed in black disguised as demons came down to the audience randomly selecting their victims to scare them, and the music dramatically changes into a horror movie. It was the best scene because the audience got to experience first-hand of what they portrayed Hell to be like. It was not only a red light on the stage to display Hell but flames of fire and darkness, very detailed stage presence. The theme of the play was