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1. I think that the tittle has to do with Connie’s relationship with her parents. Connie is only 15 years of age, yet she has a lot of freedom, if her parents would sit down with her and ask her where was she going or at least give her a curfew she would have not got in so much trouble but it seems like Connie’s Dad did not have much to say to Connie. I believed that her parents had to do with what had happen to her because they did not give her the attention she needed. Connie would sneak out because she knew that her parents didn’t take the time to investigate where she was going or where she had been. Connie’s parents should’ve focus more on Connie. The tittle sound like a questions parents would often ask. Arnold said, "The place where you came from ain't there anymore" (399). The tittle could mean that because Arnold Friend wanted to take Connie to a place where she is not familiar with, away from every one, and with experience and being much older, Arnold was able to manipulate Connie. 6. When Connie was at the drive in restaurant with the random boy (Eddie), Arnold s sees her draws a large X on the air and tells her “Gonna get you, baby” (390). Connie didn’t pay to much attention; however, she liked the fact that someone had notice her, but didn’t realize that in reality, Arnold Friend was marking his “territory,” and by telling her gonna get you baby, he was letting her know that he was coming for her to take her with him. I believe that the sign is an indication that Connie has been marked. However, I did a little bit of research about the meaning of “X” in the bible, and it said, “X is called the crux decussate or Andrew’s cross and carries one of the symbolic meanings of the crosses as instrument of death” (unknown source). Therefore, I think that Connie was being marked by Arnold for his own devilish test. Arnold works his way to get Connie’s soul by manipulating Connie by playing with her mind, and threats, and at the end he got his ways. 7. When Arnold Friend arrive at Connie’s house, and told her about her family and friends, I don’t think that Arnold had supernatural knowledge about Connie; however, I think that Arnold had been doing some research about her friends and family. If they lived in a small town I don’t think it is very hard to research people’s names or who hangs out with certain people. Arnold was much older than Connie; therefore, he had more experience in life, he knew how to play with Connie’s mind by lying to Connie about the barbeque. It is clear that Arnold was a lot smarter than Connie, and Arnold had set a trap for Connie, and she felt for it. However, I don’t think that it was difficult for Connie to fall in his trap because she had a bad reputation of bad judgment, she would go off places without letting her parents know where or with who she was, and Arnold knew this, and that is why he was successful in manipulating her. 9. When…