Essay On Ditching

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Ditching Assignment

While attending the Ditching trip at king campus, it was an eye opener to see how stressful an emergency situation can be. I learned a lot about the importance of my role as a flight attendant and how to conduct myself during a ditching situation. With the knowledge I gained in class I felt confidant when displaying my ability’s at king campus.

Describe the feeling of being in the water fully clothed

Being in the water fully clothes was tough. Even though I’m a strong swimmer I could still feel the weight of the clothes pulling me down, when swimming and getting into the raft.

Outline your personal reactions to being a flight attendant and needing to evacuate in water.

I felt confidant when evacuating in water. Of course it is a stressful situations, it. You just hope that the passengers listen to your instructions to have the best possible outcome. Overall I felt I handed the situation in a calm and controlled manner. All of the fellow crew members made it into the raft safety.

Assess the efficacy of your crew in this ditching situation

I felt that my crew could had been more efficient in this emergency situation. In a situation like this the passengers are looking to you for how to react and what to do next.
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I learned that it is also very important that as a flight attendant that you take control of the situation. All passengers are looking to you to take control and give them instructions. Well in the raft I noticed how cramped it was inside its shocking to me that those raft fit 60 people. When help my fellow crew members in the raft I noticed a lot of water coming into it, we had to try to bail some of the water out the raft. While participating in the simulator I noticed and felt for myself that I takes a lot of upper body strength to get yourself into the raft, and the little step doesn’t really