Essay On Diversity In Organizations

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Diversity in Organizations
BUS 610: Organizational Behavior
May 24, 2011

Diversity is the state of being different or having variety. Diversity is more than having individuals who represent different ethical backgrounds. Diversity is also comprised of having a variety of individuals who represent differences in ages, race, physical abilities and even gender. Being diverse is an essential part of operating a business. Employers have the ability to solicit creative ideas and implement them into successful business solutions when they have a diverse pool of people to receive feedback from. The workforce today has a wide range of diversity qualities. Within the workplace everyone has to communicate with one another. Communicating in
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The first diversity technique is include/exclude. This would entail increasing or decreasing the number of diverse people in an organization. Denying that differences exist is the second diversity technique that could be used. Assimilating is implying that all diverse people will to fit in or become more like the dominant group. The fourth option is suppressing. Differences are squelched or discouraged when using this approach. Isolation is maintaining the current way of doing things by settling the diverse person off to the side. The diverse person in the organization would not have an opportunity to influence change when they are isolated. The sixth technique is toleration. Toleration includes acknowledging difference but not accepting them. Building relationships entails that good relationships can overcome differences. The last technique is fostering mutual adaptation. This technique is when people are willing to adapt to change their views for the benefit of creating good relationships with others. Although these are all ways to manage diversity mutual adaption is one of the preferred ways to effectively manage diversity. The isolation technique and a few others are not ways to effectively implement change. Isolation, toleration, and suppressions are all techniques that recognize that there are differences that are present. These ways of managing diversity does not effectively manage or implement anyone to accept differences. If these techniques are