Essay On Donald Schon's Model Of Reflective Practice

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I have chosen to use Donald Schon’s (1983) model of reflective practice to reflect on my experience of the current assignment. I feel this was the most suitable model as it allowed me to reflect-in-action (Schon, 1983). I have been in my current role for four years, in which I have experienced multiple-agencies working alongside one another in order to support the children. These services include speech therapists, child psychologists and behavioural support workers, to whom I have worked alongside. From my experience of working alongside multi-agencies, I felt confident to linking these in to my chosen topics. This led me to be enthusiastic about the upcoming assignment. After critically analysing the case study, I was able to identify …show more content…
After researching the various services available I felt I had developed a greater understanding of how they would support Yana, thus, I would be able to explain them effectively in my essay. In order to comprehend which services relate to each topic of discussion I spoke to the Special Educational needs coordinator at the school, to acquire her experience. After gaining all of my research, I was able to complete my assignment. I feel this assignment has assisted in my professional development as I have strengthened my knowledge of the childcare services available. I have also broaden my knowledge on the effect various strategies have on children. I believe this will have a positive outcome in my career as I will be able to use this knowledge to help support children’s learning and development. Subsequently, I feel this will help me to provide excellent provision regarding children’s safeguarding, allowing me to follow ‘Safeguarding Vulnerable groups Act 2006’ and ‘Children’s Act 1989’ (Gov.,