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Milton Watson
Dr. Volo
“Down with Homework!” Reflective Essay Positive Effect of Home Work I disagree with Alfie Kohn(This belongs at the end of this paragraph, not as your first statement.) article In“Down with Homework”Alfie. Kohn talks about the negative effects of children doing homework, but fails to recognize how many students have benefited and strived from it. He states, (comma before quotation) “Tthere is no evidence to demonstrate that homework benefits students.”Punctuation goes inside the quotation marks). The only students that have and maintain a B+ or higher grade in any class are the students that spend time to do their homework and study it after. (What is your source?) Kohn says, that “Hhomework leads to “stress and conflict.”.(Don’t alter an exact quote. If the entire sentence doesn’t fit, just use the key words that do. Any words you ad should not be in the quote, unless you bracket them.) Families and students get overwhelmed and frustrated with homework when a good amount, (unclear) but they have to remember if the homework is completed the student is going to fail. (Why will the student fail if the work is completed?) When the student fails it’s only going to be more stressful because he’s going to have to work twice as hard to catch up and often times the school requires independent study; which mean the student is at home doing more work than the few pages of homework. Yes, homework many not actually teach kids much in elementary school, but that’s not the point of it at that level. The purpose of it is to get young students ready for middle school. At that age its(homonym error) teaching them a pattern, a little responsibility and leaves them with the memory of it so it can be applied again in middle school. Kohn stated that “No study has ever confirmed the wildly accepted assumption that homework yields nonacademic benefits.” Many parents would disagree with this statement because students that who do and complete their homework, maintain a well-organized room (Milton, I know that you explained the correlation between HW & a neat room for you, but I can personally assure you that not every person who does all their HW faithfully, is neat.) and have a better understanding of time management because they have to set aside time for each subject. Homework has mainly a positive effect on students.
(Milton, where is your TOPIC SENTENCE!!!!! I can’t believe that at this point in the semester you are not starting a paragraph with a topic sentence.) Students attend school, learn for an hour in most classes and an hour and a half in others for once or twice a week. This does not give students enough time to retain and think on what they have learned in that amount of time. Students go home and they repeat reimforce what they learn in class by doing the home work, so they can remember it and have and have it ready for the next class. Yes, ,many students think it’s an absolute waste of time and effort, but the benefit effort in the long run pays off in the long run (This is a cliché.). Students that who complete their homework are usually A+ students that do their homework as they get home and study for awhile after (Be careful when you make these sweeping generalities. You are playing right into stereotypes. I know of students who went right home and did their homework faithfully, but were never A+ students.) Homework can be a helpful tool that enlightens students to become better students, and learn life skills that can help prepare them for their next level of education. Homework teaches students to be responsible, time management, and organization. All of these traits are used on a day bases and learning this from an early age by doing homework, can give students the edge they need in life to stand out has someone with quality to a university or a job.
Homework reinforces skills that are learned in class. Students that actually do