Essay On Drugs And Corruption

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As many crowd knows that the use of drug leads to crime, one of the ability to hit a target of our President is to fight drug and corruption. The use of drug that serves as a channel to crimes like corruption as said. Even so, addiction to drugs is infinite. People can't restrain it's habit to these substances. Their lives was ruined by their terror addiction, however, some group of people was deep-pocketed with these drugs and make other persons well-to-do the job like selling those white powder within the country and outside the country, to be able to lessen their penniless family. It is obvious that the two issues are connected at all or even that the two are connected in a different direction. This might occur when the drugs impair connection …show more content…
Corruption affects the poorest the most because people that are stealing the thing/s that are originally to them are smuggled by the wrong people, and these people ranked up from poverty and the poorest still going down. This crime can lower over economic impact when it comes when negotiating with other country; it is such a shame for all of us. However, the impact of corruption on poverty versus the effects of inequalities that are structured into law, such cheating is made during negotiating and trading some business with local and foreigner. Some adjustments such killing the culprit is made that people who are stealing and cheating on constituents are into drugs as well. It is harder to see these other informal doings than to see farmers suffering and working under the sun. Corruption sometimes leads to extrajudicial killings, people seek to this crime but as I know and serve that local and national government officials are blind to this kind of crime, they let it pass through the present and not knowing that it is becoming larger. It is proved that drugs and corruption are