Essay On Drunk Driving

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Drunk driving has claimed millions of Americans’ lives over the years. This potential traffic killer has become a priority to mend. Drunk driving has the deathliest background of all traffic accidents in the United States; causing monetary expenses and involving the government to try to stop this problem that affects everyone.
Drunk driving is a deadly traffic accident that can end the life of anyone. For example, in the United States alone, about 48 people are killed every day because of drunk drivers (Mejeur). Driving drunk is a choice that kills innocent people everywhere, not just affecting the driver but also the victim. In 19992, a mother and her three daughters were deprived from their lives by a drunk driver; after this incident and
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For example, the young generation is being affected the most by drunk driving, so the government is making really strict laws to save lives. To prevent the younger generation from becoming drunk drivers, the BAC was lowered in order to protect them and everyone around them (Mejeur). But the government is not the only one trying to stop the insecurity on the streets, there are some campaigns against drunk driving trying to ring this problem to an end. One approach the campaigns against drunk driving are taking is: show pictures and graphic videos of the effect of drunk driving to scare the young generation (Mejeur). As Ryan Blistein explains “For all the efforts aimed at educating kids about the dangers of drinking and driving, and all the laws cracking down on the sale of alcohol to minors, the statistics remain alarming” (Blistein). This statement explains that the illegal sale of alcohol is another problem that has a big effect on younger kids, which makes them involve in drunk driving. This made the government aware of the problem, so they passed new laws that would help decrease alcohol-related accidents (Blistein). Even all the states realized the big impact that drunk driving had so; after congress made the BAC .08 or above illegal all 50 states in the United States adopted the new law (“Drunk”). The legislature also got involved in